Willy Mason

Coming in the wake of his critically acclaimed and gold certified debut ‘Where The Humans Eat’ which included the now classic track ‘Oxygen’, and the progressive sound of his 2007 sophomore release ‘If The Ocean Gets Rough’, ‘Carry On’ has been five years in the making.

Decamping to his childhood home in Massachusetts once the dust had settled on a busy period of touring the world and releasing two critically acclaimed records, Willy used his time at home as a means of re-rooting to his childhood community. With that came the creative freedom and inspiration to write the songs that now form ‘Carry On’.

Having been introduced to producer Dan Carey by a mutual friend, Willy headed to the altogether different climes of Streatham, South London to record what would become ‘Carry On’. Dan’s background was varied and brilliant, working with the likes of MIA, Hot Chip and Kylie Minogue, artists not immediately akin to the sound of Willy Mason. However Dan’s use of rhythm and bass along with the prospect of using drumboxes was something that intrigued Willy; he admits “It didn’t make sense to me, it scared me, but I was open to trying it.”

The resulting work is Mason’s most ambitious and fully realized work to date. Elements of dub and reggae infuse themselves seamlessly with guitar, low strings, and Mason’s inimitable gravel deep vocal to deliver songs awash with the sentiments of hope, disillusionment, love and lost connections.

“I think of this record as the third and final chapter to a particular narrative that started with Where the Humans Eat,” says Willy. “It’s a narrative that’s loosely based on me, on my character through performance, and I think that by completing this album, I’m sort of closing the door on that and opening up a whole new world of possibilities.”