• Lava - Tender Central
    Tender Central "Lava"
  • Welcome Home - SuperGlu
    SuperGlu "Welcome Home"
  • Nightbus - BE GOOD
    BE GOOD "Nightbus"
  • 7x7 - Fairhazel
    Fairhazel "7x7"

2017 Singles Club

In the early days of Communion Records we were entirely focused on putting out 7” Singles and 10” EPs. Like most new labels, that was out of necessity (albums are expensive to make and release), but we also loved the immediacy of putting music out that reflected a moment in time – one great day in the studio, or one short productive burst of songwriting.

With the Communion Singles Club we hope to echo some of that magic, releasing brilliant songs by new artists who we think have something to say.

When you subscribe you will get limited edition 7” singles on vinyl from the most exciting up-and-coming artists Communion has to offer. Not only will you receive a brand new single every 3 months, you will also get each single at a discounted price and an exclusive print.

#1 "Lava" - Tender Central

US Release Date:

We’re thrilled to start 2017’s Communion Singles Club with Devon born classically trained cellist India Bourne AKA electronic artist Tender Central. ‘Lava’ features Matthew And The Atlas’ Matthew Hegarty and was co-written by Kideko. Renowned producer Jakwob is also a collaborator on the project. It marks the meshing of two worlds. One evolves with the Communion family, a network of artists supporting one another, collaborating and growing. Whilst Tender Central continues to embody that ethic, it is an atmosphere that has also pushed her on individually, not least in her decision to challenge herself by working with the likes of Kideko and Jakwob. Comparisons to the likes of Massive Attack and London Grammar may abound, but there is something peculiar and effortlessly rare in the production and vocal delivery here. Ethereal, awash with layers of vocal harmonies and driven by a powerful sense of rhythm, the confidence displayed by Tender Central is evident.

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#2 "Welcome Home" - SuperGlu

US Release Date:

SuperGlu are a four-piece formed in Britian’s smallest town, Manningtree. But far from being beset by any small-town mentality, SuperGlu arrive with big ideas, a big sound and an anthemic pop punk banger in new single, Welcome Home, through Communion Records as part of their Singles Club.

The band consists of brothers Benjamin and Alex Brown (guitar), Krista Lynch (bass) and Ben Ward (drums). They can be identified neatly and concisely as: a regional champion disco-dancer, a reclaimed boat dweller, an abstract painter and a proclaimed pesto addict. This is a band of incredibly close friends/relatives, a gang – think The Ramones covering Japandroids, but with even more fun.

There is a spikiness and brat-like attitude on display, lyrics delivered with a snarl and swagger. When Brown sings “I can’t get over this feeling it’s so good” it’s not hard to see why SuperGlu are regarded as one of the UK’s best emerging live acts, with a natural gift for hooks and harmonies.

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#3 "Nightbus" - BE GOOD

US Release Date:

BE GOOD are a quartet from Oxford making awkward pop music for midnight walks and dancing in the nude. Taking inspiration from sources as disparate as Parliament and Frank Ocean, their new single Night Bus is the third and penultimate release on Communion Singles Club of 2017.

Ash Cooke (guitar/vocals) and Charlie Clark (drums) originally met at a ceramics evening-class, but it wasn’t long until they had begun spending their evenings recording together in a shared house in the east of the city. The line-up was completed by synth player James Cunning (a customer in the café Clark was working at) and bassist Patrick Burley (a mutual friend they tried to impress through repeated gig invites).

New single Night Bus is an ode to youth and awakened sexuality, all set through the prism of the most British of romantic spots: the night bus. Cooke’s falsetto, half innocence/half lust, tempting the listener to join him for a ride “it’s late do you wanna go cruising, are you tired of getting off to bad music?”

BE GOOD are band whose textured slow-jams and confident arrangements make them an act to watch in the coming months.

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#4 "7x7" - Fairhazel

US Release Date:

Fairhazel is the moniker of London-based musical nomad Hugh Macdonald, who releases 7x7, his exciting debut effort, as part of Communion’s Singles Club.

Raised in Cape Town, London and Paris, Fairhazel takes inspiration from the many different cultures surrounding him during his youth. The cobbled streets of Paris, the openness of Cape Town, the introversion of London - all this feeds into his music, which blurs genre lines, combining both minimalist production and expansive instrumentation.

Fairhazel has spent the past few years Stateside, crossing the pond to attend Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, following in the footsteps of musical trailblazers ranging from St Vincent and Quincy Jones to Ramin Djawadi, the man behind the Game Of Thrones theme.

Releasing music under his birth name for several years, Fairhazel has performed at TEDx talks and for Sofar, as well as playing countless gigs across the US and the UK. But while it was in Boston where his musical talents developed, it’s in London that his new project has fully taken shape.

New single 7x7 draws inspiration from the Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which details a Buddhist’s journey from death to reincarnation. Similarly, the song acts as a perfect introduction to the birth of Fairhazel.

7x7 showcases Fairhazel’s hushed, reverent tones, reminiscent of Illinois-era Sufjan Stevens, as he sings of “breaking free” from “routine days” to a place of enlightened “knowledge of humanity”.

Likewise, The Director’s Daughter, the B-side of the release, details similarly profound journeys, both literal and figurative, searching for love and meaning while exploring new places and relationships.

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