• Boys That Sing - Viola Beach
    Viola Beach "Boys That Sing"
  • Childhood - Gillbanks
    Gillbanks "Childhood"
  • Honest / Honey, Let Me Know - MarthaGunn
    MarthaGunn "Honest / Honey, Let Me Know"
  • Tin Man - Saint Sister
    Saint Sister "Tin Man"

2016 Singles Club

In the early days of Communion Records we were entirely focused on putting out 7” Singles and 10” EPs. Like most new labels, that was out of necessity (albums are expensive to make and release), but we also loved the immediacy of putting music out that reflected a moment in time – one great day in the studio, or one short productive burst of songwriting.

With the Communion Singles Club we hope to echo some of that magic, releasing brilliant songs by new artists who we think have something to say.

When you subscribe you will get limited edition 7” singles on vinyl from the most exciting up-and-coming artists Communion has to offer. Not only will you receive a brand new single every 3 months, you will also get each single at a discounted price and an exclusive print.

#1 "Boys That Sing" - Viola Beach

US Release Date: 1/1/2016

We kicked off Singles Club with Warrington’s own Viola Beach. We thought ‘Boys That Sing’ was the perfect debut single - which made it and them the perfect way to start things off. Tragically - almost unthinkably - Kris, River, Tom, Jack and their manager Craig Tarry were all killed in a road accident while on tour shortly after the single was launched. All funds generated by Boys That Sing have been donated to the Viola Beach Memorial Fund.

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#2 "Childhood" - Gillbanks

US Release Date: 4/22/2016

Communion Records are excited to announce details of their next Communion Singles Club release in the shape of young Falmouth newcomer, Gillbanks.

Gillbanks’ opening bow arrived at the tail end of 2015 and the hypnotic blend of woozy swells and downcast slacker-imbued pop on his debut EP, Lend Me Your Skin. He follows it here with Childhood, a deliciously acerbic track that weaves together all the spit and fuzz of prime Stephen Malkmus, with the knowing assuredness of a fresh-faced Graham Coxon. It’s a hypnotic brew, and a killer second step by this fresh, dizzyingly raw talent.

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#3 "Honest / Honey, Let Me Know" - MarthaGunn

US Release Date:

We’re so thrilled to announce that our third edition of Communion Singles Club is going to feature Brighton’s folk-rock outfit MarthaGunn.

They’re a slice of modern day Fleetwood Mac with a powerful lead vocal akin to London Grammar and Florence and The Machine, and they possess a tremendous talent that really embodies the magic of Communion Singles Club. Showcasing two brand new songs, Honest and Honey, Let Me Know, their powerful vocal melodies, euphoric chorus and beautiful songwriting shines throughout both these tracks.

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#4 "Tin Man" - Saint Sister

US Release Date:

Communion Singles Club is back! This time around it’s the eerie electro-folk of Ireland’s Saint Sister, with two quite beautifully crafted songs. They offer an intoxicating blend of soulful vocal harmonies, dreamy synth and electro-acoustic harp. There is something apocalyptic, something mournful imbued in Tin Man.

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