Free Money

It’s not always clear what goes on behind the glass panes of high street bank tills, but at The Bank of Free Money there is nothing to hide. They have one simple and transparent purpose: to share the wealth. 

Two main strategic pillars hold up everything they do: to provide the kind of banking people deserve and to spread the core values at the heart of their business – Joy, Acceptance and Optimism. They currently have four ambassadors spreading these core values – as ‘Free Money’ they represent the organisation out in the real world, performing for the people that matter most, people like you. 
‘The Free Money EP’ was devised by a visionary marketing team as the perfect way to introduce the people to their core values, and invite you to join them in changing the world, one positive thought at a time. In partnership with Communion and Buff Records, the EP was crafted with all the love and care that goes into everything we do here at The Bank of Free Money. 
We hope you now have a clear idea of how they operate as a company, and more importantly our journey’s trajectory. Join them for free today.